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Project Description

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In SharePoint 2007 it was possible for users to group list items by content type by editing their list view in the browser using the ViewEdit.aspx page. In SharePoint 2010 this feature has been removed.


This is a simple sandbox solution project to restore the "Group By Content Type" behaviour by injecting JavaScript into the ribbon bar area to add "Content Type" as a choice on the ViewEdit.aspx page.

After activating the feature in a site collection, the “Content Type” option is visible again:


With this, users can once again create views that group by Content Type without having to use SharePoint Designer 2010.

See for more details.

Known Issues

  1. With the current implementation, when a user edits the view, they will have to reselect the option to group by content type.
  2. Look at the picture above! Note how it shows "Content Type" is not inserted into the drop down list alphabetically, but appears above "None".

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